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The speed of business development and change requires methods to understand the interactions for decision-making in a more professional manner.

What is Business Intelligence?

It answers several important questions. Each question has a nature, tools, and many processes. Finding a solution to an inquiry may need to answer a question or several questions

What happened before?

Reading past events to reach an understanding, build on them, and extract new knowledge from them.

What happened now?

Is to explore and seek current data that may confirm the correctness of your path or the need for modification in order to improve or correct or even to stop something

Why is it happening?

With the movement of your business, you want to understand what is the cause of an improvement or even mistakes and want to prevent them from happening again

What will happen?

Expecting the future to build your next steps on it will definitely give you an advantage as an increase in the efficiency of your business and greater awareness to avoid risks


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Discovering new patterns of customer styles and understanding their interactions with products over time, you must search for them and invest them in success.

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  • Such as the market basket and its patterns.
  • As well as the time times and linking them with the goods related to the intensity of purchase.
  • Crowded places for a product.
  • Your choice to line up products with others to increase your profit margin.

We enable you to gain access to this new knowledge to understand the behavior of your customers and build on them to improve and increase sales.

The probability of retaining your current customers is between 60:70% As for retaining a new customer, it may reach 5:20% .

How can you do that?

  • Build classifications for your customers.
  • Realizing the influencing or non-influencing needs of each of them.
  • Delivery of the appropriate letter for each category.
  • The ability to supply your services and products according to your classifications, which gives you an advantage in achieving your plans and goals.

Your investment in understanding your customer's needs and maintaining its continuity is less expensive and more profitable, but it requires you to work with smart and new tools to reach that goal.

His behavior is a message that, if properly dealt with, may bear fruit with profit return and continuity of progress.

Your customers leave messages for you in every move they make on your market, all of which can be easily maintained and stored, and then extract a lot from it

  • Where did they reach you?
  • How much time do they spend with you?
  • The means by which they visited you and from where.
  • The priorities and interests that they have.

All these messages help you create offers and interests of your customers and contribute to building your future plans, pricing plans and methods of presenting recommendations.

It also helps reduce wasted expenses that are reduced by your production or purchase of what your customers need.

The arrival of your old product to a degree of market saturation is inevitable with the intensity of competition and the speed of change

But building a new product or developing an old one needs careful listening

  • You will find conversations on social media.
  • In their forums.
  • Comments on products on your created pages and platforms.
  • Diverse tastes, mentalities, and civilizations, your listening to it is essential.

How will you reach all these sounds from customers and how much will the old gadgets cost? Building tools to develop your products and building new products takes more intelligence than effort and more skillful tools


We offer you a set of diverse and interrelated services, from which we carefully target the improvement and development of your business with attention to its development with the global market and rapid changes.


Providing various consultations to institutions, department managers and people to contribute to building and developing their businesses

Create reports

We create periodic or non-periodic specialized reports according to need, with multiple outputs and uses.

Building interactive smart boards

Interactive and real-time panels are important tools to shorten the enormity of data and contribute to efficient decision-making

Advanced data analysis

Your data may need many processes and technologies to be able to benefit from it. We are working on that data to be ready

Decision support tools

Based on an understanding of the status of the institution and its goals, we can build tools of your own and prepared according to your need to reach the desired goals

Building a data infrastructure

When the needs exist after the evaluation of the problem situation, we provide various options and directions to raise efficiency and direct the path to reach the decision


Some of what is mentioned by experts and owners of experiences, which enhances, for some,

the depth of view of the importance of this specialization and its impact on business.


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